Friday, December 2, 2011

Seeing everything in a new light

Ms Salt here. Have you noticed that once you have been bitten by the refinishing bug you look at everything in a brand new light? I am now purposely checking all resources for nasty looking furniture that is beautiful on the inside. What would a coat of paint do to our trashy little dresser, or that sideboard we picked up for next to nothing? I can't wait to find out.

So what am I waiting for you say? The things standing in my way:
Work (the kind that pays the bills)
A kitchen renovation
Chauffeuring to and from hockey games
Events to attend (hockey again)
Dogs & kids always seem to need something

But Pepper and I will be getting together soon. In the meantime we are accumulating lots of great items to refinish. Take a look at the sweet chairs Pepper just scored.

6 Bass River Chairs in their original antiqued blue/gray finish
Photo courtesy of the chair's previous owner, via Kijiji

Well, shake ya later
Ms Salt

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